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Home Design Meeting

You’re about to make a big decision about how you’re going to live your life. Your new kitchen can have a big effect on how you feel, so as well as being functional, your kitchen needs to be a nice place to spend time.

That’s why the best place to decide what will suit you and what features you want and need, is in your own home. We can meet you at the showroom if you want some inspiration, or show you a wide range of designs to choose from, but you will find our design experts know a thing or two about building a kitchen just for you.

Book a Design Meeting

3D Design Software

Our kitchen design experts use the latest in 3D software to show you exactly what your new kitchen will look like. You can choose styles and colours from a catalogue, or get inspiration from a magazine. But when we show you how your new kitchen will look, you will know exactly what will work best for you.

Transparent Quote

It is so important to know exactly what your new kitchen will cost. Our quotes are accurate and transparent, there are never any hidden costs. You will be able to see a full break down of all the services we will provide, and that’s a promise.

Accurate Installation Schedule

There’s nothing worse than looking forward to a completion date, and then the whole job runs over. It isn’t good for you, because you don’t have a kitchen, and it isn’t good for the kitchen fitters, because they have not budgeted to spend so long on site. At IPS Kitchens we will present you with a full breakdown of our fitting schedule., which we know we can achieve

Experienced Fitting Team

We know we can achieve our fitting schedule because we use the same experienced kitchen fitters and specialists to do every job. We don’t work with anyone we don’t know and trust and the quality of their work must be top notch.

Appliance Safety Testing

Health and Safety are our watchwords when we are working in your home. Our team leaders are qualified in Emergency First Aid, and we follow this through to the service we provide to our clients. Ensuring that every step is taken to minimise risk of injury when working, and that when we leave you, we can all be safe in the knowledge that every single element of your kitchen is safe.

Comprehensive Guarantee

Providing a guarantee is vital to any business, and for your peace of mind. Of course we offer the manufacturer’s guarantee on all the fixtures, fittings and appliances that we build into your new kitchen, but we also guarantee all of our own work. We guarantee our work for the lifetime of the kitchen, if we have made any error whatsoever in the fitting or installation of any component, we will immediately return and rectify the problem – for life!