Aesthetics – Hints and Tips

Aesthetics hints and tipsOnce you have come up with a suitable layout, you can start looking at aesthetics.

Think about door handles, drawers, glass units or feature linking units, or any other additional features you might add to give your kitchen that stylish look.





  •  Get inspiration from magazines.
  •  Explore different colours and materials.
  •  Look at finishes for walls.
  •  Look at types for flooring.
  •  Take accurate measurements, and take into account where your pipes, gas, electrical supplies are. 
  •  Make sure you know the sizes of your appliances.
  • Position the sink and dishwasher close together in order to make the plumbing easier.
  •  Have a drawer unit close to the hob so that you easy access to any utensils.
  •  Read through the instructions of your appliances before you decide where to place them.
  •  Do not situate your cooker below any windows.
  •  Check which way doors and drawers open in order for them to open fully.
  •  Any tall units should be placed next to each other; tall units usually go at the end of a line of cupboards.
  •  Position cupboards so that they are easily accessible.
  •  It is always best to use a qualified tradesman for installation of any gas or electrical objects.
  •  Having an extractor fan requires access to an external wall, unless you wish to recycle.